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Decals Spitfire Mk. IX (Part 3, Presentation Spits)

FOXBOT product # 48-016

  • Product description

    High quality decal - 6 variants of assembly, for  Spitfire Mk. IX.

    Package includes:

    • 1 decal sheet
    • Instruction


  • Variants

    1. "CARLEEN MAY III". Right board number: FU-T. LF.IXC MK285 of No.453 Squadron RAAF. Flown by F/O Fred Cowpe, F/O France, August 1944.

    2. S-RN Right board number: RN-S. LF.IXC MH763 of No.72 Squadron RAF, Corsica, summer 1944.

    3. "TIMES OF CEYLON". Right board number: SK-A. LF.IXc believed to be ML242, flown by CO of No.165 (Ceylon) Squadron, Sq Ldr M.E.Blackstone, Predannack, 2nd half of 1944.

    4. "ETHEL MARSDEN". Right board number: F-FF. LF.IXC MH486 of No.132 Squadron RAF, Detling, late 1943.

    5. "JOAN TOO": LF.IXe PT959 flown by CO of No.132 Wing Group Capt C.F.Bradley, Twente, April 1945.

    6. "TURF CLUB I". Right board number: B-ZD. F.IXc BS461 of No.222 (Natal) Squadron, Hornchurch, summer 1943.


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