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 FOXBOT news & new products

  • 05.12.2021 – New FOXBOT decals are on sale !

    "Midwar Heroes" are new decals from FOXBOT on Soviet aircraft from the Second World War - Yakovlev Yak-9. Two scales - 1/48 (Yakovlev Yak-9 D/B) and 1/72 (Yak-9 R/D/B). Don't miss the winter novelties!

  • 16.10.2021 – Review about FOXBOT product !

    A review of the FOXBOT product 48-006 Yak-9: Slogans in Combat has been posted to the IPMS/USA web site. Check it out!

  • 01.10.2021 – New works in FOXBOT gallery !

    Elegant update of our gallery - from Ukranian master Andrew Statkevych (Lviv, Ukraine). See MiG-29 using FOXBOT FM48-008 products.

  • 20.09.2021 – New FOXBOT decals are on sale !

    Flying Crocodiles ?! Good news from FOXBOT for all connoisseurs of the domestic aviation industry - decals for Mi-24 helicopters of the Air Force of Ukraine in scales 1/48 (9 options) and 1/72 (19 options (!!)). Don't miss it!

  • 15.08.2021 – New FOXBOT decals are on sale !

    Little heroes of the Great War. New from FOXBOT for Flames of War players, modelers and collectors - decals for Soviet T-34/85 tanks in 1/100 scale (4 assembly options).

  • 30.07.2021 – New works in FOXBOT gallery!

    New addition to the FOXBOT gallery! Today it is an excellent Su-25 from the master Hong Hwan Jang, South Korea and an amazing idea and execution from our "permanent" master - Shalenny Jura with his work what if ... F-16С in Ukrainian camouflage. Happy viewing!

  • 27.07.2021 – New FOXBOT decals are on sale !

    Meet the Red Stars on the wings: FOXBOT continues the series of decals in 1/48 format - "Red Serpents: Soviet Aces on Bell P-39 Airacobras" (Part 1 - 48-021 and 48-021A (without technical inscriptions) and Part 2 - 48-022 and 48-022A (without technical inscriptions)), as well as "Flying Revenge: Soviet Il-2 attack aircraft" part 2 - 48-054. Hot news for a hot summer!

  • 20.07.2021 – New works in FOXBOT gallery!

    Greetings from the Ukrainian Crimea! Replenishment of the FOXBOT gallery with excellent works on a scale of 1 / 72 from the master Dmytro Poberezhnyk - MiG-29, Su-24MR and Su-27UB. Happy viewing!

  • 15.07.2021 – New FOXBOT decals are on sale !

    I see rockets in the sky. FOXBOT has already delighted all fans of Soviet military aviation with decals Technical inscriptions for air-to-air missiles in 1 / 48 scale (even in 2 versions - 48-055 and 48-056). And today we are pleased to present to your attention decals in 1/72 scale. So far, Option 1, but stay tuned!

  • 10.07.2021 – New works in FOXBOT gallery

    FOXBOT has renewed its gallery one more time with masterful works by modellers all around the globe - Mike Tipping, United Kingdom,  Michael Haberl, Austria and Taras Yakovenko, Ukraine. This time it is different variants of Su-27 - Su-27UBM-1 in 1/32 scale, Su-27UB in 1/48 scale and Su-27 in 1/72 scale. Enjoy!


  • 06.07.2021 – New works in FOXBOT gallery.

    FOXBOT has renewed its gallery with wonderful works by Ukrainian masters - Ostashevskyi Oleksander and Shalenny Jura (we have even video !!) and master Fuad Pashaev, Azerbaijan. This time it is patriotic Su-27, Su-25 and Su-24 on a scale of 1/72 and Su-27UB on a scale of 1/48 and also Douglas C-47A in 1/72 scale. Enjoy!


  • 01.06.2021 – New FOXBOT decals are on sale !

    "One in three options." Today FOXBOT has a special gift for fans of large and small scales - from 1/32 to 1/144, and this is the Su-27 of the Ukrainian Air Force in digital camouflage! Don't miss the new decals:

    32-017 Numbers Su-27UBM-1, scale 1/32 - 4 assembly options

    48-068 Numbers Su-27UBM-1, scale 1/48 - 6 assembly options

    144-002 Su-27P1M/S/P, scale 1/144 - 13 (!) assembly options

    Hurry up - the quality of the decals, as always, is excellent, and the quantity is limited !!))

  • 12.05.2021 – Review about FOXBOT product !

    Friends! We bring to your attention a review of our products - FOXBOT # 72-004 "Decal Su-27, Su-27UB of the Ukrainian Air Force, digital camouflage" on the authoritative resource "IPMS / USA Reviews". We thank the resource and the author of the review Ben Morton for the kind words addressed to FOXBOT and promise to delight our fellow modelists around the world with high-quality and diverse products.

    And we invite all those interested to read the review directly on the site.

    Read the review on the site

  • 15.04.2021 – New FOXBOT decals are on sale !

    Riding the Mustang - great new products from FOXBOT are on sale now! This time the popular USAF North American P-51 Mustangs received an update - "Hot Girls and Sharp Teeth" decals in 1/48 and 1/72 scale. Don't miss the opportunity to update your fleet with great decals and stencils.

    P-51 Mustang (p. 1) in 1/48 scale

    P-51 Mustang with stencils (p. 1) in 1/48 scale

    P-51 Mustang with stencils (p. 2) in 1/72 scale

    P-51 Mustang with stencils (p. 3) in 1/72 scale

  • 24.03.2021 – Review about FOXBOT product!

    Great news! Our community is growing and we always glad, when someone write something good about us and our products! ;)) We welcome and thank Francisco Guedes for his review on our set "B-25C/D Mitchell Pin-Up Nose Art and Stencils Part 1" (FOXBOT #48-039), published on website He also compared it with Revell decals - so do not miss this review!

  • 08.03.2021 – New FOXBOT decals are on sale !

    Something special and romantic should be planned for the Main Women's Day! The French know a lot about romance and FOXBOT understands the French military theme and today proudly presents new decals for French armored vehicles in 1/100th scale. Great gift for the Holidays, isn't it? ;)

  • 01.03.2021 – New FOXBOT decals are on sale !

    Spring is on the doorstep. The weather is still cold, it's good that FOXBOT always has hot news. Another great decals: 1/48th scale stencils for Ukrainian Su-25 aircraft in digital camouflage. The quality, as always, is at the high level. What else do you need for a good start to the season?

    Su-25 - 1/48

  • 13.02.2021 – New FOXBOT products are on sale !

    Brrr .... In such weather it is best to stay at home with your favorite hobby! And FOXBOT, as always, pleases connoisseurs of large models - technical stencils on the North American P-51 Mustang in 1/32 scale. And as always - excellent quality and reasonable prices!

  • 08.02.2021 – New FOXBOT masks are on sale !

    Less than a week after the news about the masks for applying camouflage on the L-39M1 of the Ukrainian Air Force on a scale of 1/72, FOXBOT also pleases the fans of larger aircraft models - all the same high-quality L-39M1 masks of the green, grey and clover camo, but in 1/48th scale!

  • 04.09.2020 – New FOXBOT masks are on sale !

    Holidays have already died down, and FOXBOT still has gifts for domestic (and not only!) Modellers - masks for applying camouflage on the L-39M1 aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force in 1/72 scale and in three versions: pixel green, pixel gray and "clover"!

  • 15.01.2021 – New FOXBOT decals are on sale !

    New year with new decals! FOXBOT presents technical stencils for Ukrainian Su-25 in 1/72 scale, as well as "enhanced" kits for 72-055 and 72-056: decals and technical stencils for the Su-25 in 11 build options each.



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